Various Types of Online Poker Tournaments


Tournaments are what makes playing poker online so much fun, you can pay anything from a few Dollars to several thousands of Dollars to take part in them and it is your chance to win all manner of prizes.


There are even free-roll tournaments that won't cost you a penny to enter but you will stand the chance of winning cash should you manage to get yourself into one of the prize paying positions on the free-roll leader board.


You could win a massive cash pot or even win an entry into a major land based event where all your expenses and buy-in for the event are paid for by the Poker site.


There are thousands of poker tournaments running online at any one time and to give you a better understanding of the many different types we have compiled our tournament guide below.


Online Poker Tournaments - Multi Table Tournaments


When you take part is a multi-table tournament you will be given by the poker site a certain amount of chips, the aim of these type of tournaments is to win all the chips from every other player and by doing so you will be deemed the winner.


The Blinds and Antes will keep going up as the tournament progresses and as players get knocked out players are moved to an ever decreasing number of tables, until such a time as there is just one final table left.


All of the players entry fees are placed into the prize pool less any house commission and then divided on a pro rata basis amongst the winners.


Online Poker Tournaments - Freerolls


A free roll is usually a multi table type tournament that is free to enter, the respective poker site will allocate a prize structure and players then simply compete against each other with the aim of ending in a prize winning position on the leader board.


Online Poker Tournaments - Qualifiers - Satellites


A Qualifier or as they are much better known, Satellites, are tournaments that give you the chance of winning a seat in a much bigger tournament but for a dramatically smaller fee.


For the bigger events there are several of the Qualifiers that players have to work their way through until they finish up at the final table.


These Qualifiers are very, very popular and they have sent many players to major land based events for a tiny fraction of the cost. In fact the poker site will usually fly you out to where-ever the event is, provide first class accommodation as well as including spending money and the event's buy-in.


Online Poker Tournaments - Multi Table Sit and Go


A multi-table Sit and Go or as they are often referred too as MSG's is simply a small tournament which has no starting time! They will only begin when enough players have registered and all the necessary seats have been filled, as the name suggests they are played on an ever decreasing number of tables.


Online Poker Tournaments - Re Buy Tournaments


A Re-Buy Tournament allows you to purchase more chips should you end up losing all of yours during a tournament, or when your chip stack reaches a certain low level.


There are however set periods of time when you allowed to buy more chips and often a limit is put on how many times you are permitted to re-buy more chips.


Due to the poker site not knowing how many people will re-buy chips during the tournament the prize pool will only be announced after the last re-buy period has closed.


Online Poker Tournaments - Sit and Go


A Sit and Go tournament is exactly the same as the above Multi Table Sit and Go's in as much as the tournament will only begin once all the seats have been filled but these are only played on one table and as such often fill up much quicker.


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